It all started with a cookie…

Union Kitchen wasn’t always what it is today. It started much more simply. It started with a need for a good cookie, a place to connect with friends.

Cullen Gilchrist opened The Blind Dog Cafe in 2012 with friends. The Blind Dog Cafe quickly became a popular community gathering spot, known for a good atmosphere, good coffee, and the best chocolate chip cookies in the city, crafted and perfected by Greer, Cullen’s sister.

The Blind Dog Cookie (still served fresh at our stores) became so popular that we couldn’t keep up with demand. We needed a much bigger oven and more production space. The oven we found was in a massive commissary kitchen. To make use of the extra space, we started sharing with our food industry friends.

Cookie Startup Incubator Washington DC

…And thus began Union Kitchen!

We started connecting the industry dots. We opened Grocery Stores to sell the products that businesses were making in our Kitchen. We opened a Distribution Center to move products around the city. We created a Launch and Growth Team to provide the technical knowledge and the skills to successfully navigate the food industry.

We’ve grown a lot since those early days ringing up customers at The Blind Dog Cafe. We’ve learned a lot from managing a Kitchen, Distribution Center, and Stores. We’ve learned that making a great product in our Kitchen is only the first step and not the last. And we continue to learn every day what it means to be a part of our shared mission.

…And it keeps growing!


Union Kitchen Food Accelerator