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Milk Cult Founder On Why Sales Pitches are Like Dating

Ed Cornell, Co-Founder and CEO of Milk Cult, has always been obsessed with ice cream. He likes everything about it — the taste, the smell, the experience. It’s the perfect vehicle for blending unexpected flavors with a familiar classic. After spending time in kitchens and working for catering companies, Ed decided to turn his obsession into a company of his own.

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Want to be Fancy Schmancy? Kathleen Tozzi Knows How

Founder and CEO of The Fancy Schmancy Co., Kathleen Tozzi, has always loved sharing good food with others. From a young age, she worked in a family restaurant and helped her parents throw huge parties. After graduating from culinary and hospitality school, Kathleen worked her way up at Whole Foods Market, learning the ins and outs of leadership, management, and a great cheese board. Eventually, Kathleen decided that she wanted to turn this passion into a career.

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Au’Some Foods Founder Zeina Meng Brings Argan Oil to the Grocery Shelf

After a particularly bad sunburn during a beach trip, Zeina Meng was on the hunt for an all-natural solution. She came across argan oil and couldn’t believe how well it worked. She began to research and discovered that it had been used in Moroccan cuisine for centuries. So Zeina asked, why couldn’t argan oil be used in a daily diet?

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