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RIPE Founder Bennett Reck Is Making Craveable Gelato at 360 Calories per Pint

Founder of RIPE, Bennett Reck, has always been obsessed with food. Cooking it, smelling it, eating it, sharing it. Yet, somehow, his diet was always bad. He would inhale gallons of hummus and jars of peanut butter in one sitting. He never went for the nutritious options, instead choosing whatever looked best.

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A Joke That Went Too Far: Snacklins and The Journey to Snack Revolution

Snacklins launched in 2016 with an idea: make people’s lives 1% better. It doesn’t seem like much, but in founder Samy K’s view, it’s what the world needs. Starting with a handful of local accounts in Washington, D.C., Snacklins grew quickly with the support of avid customers. They added more accounts across the Mid-Atlantic during their first year, dominating those before expanding to the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.

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