Walt's Original Waffle Buns Will Change How You Eat Waffles

Are you sick and tired of eating sandwiches that use the same boring white bread? We know we are!  Lucky for us, Walt’s Waffle Buns are here to solve this everyday struggle. Founded with the motto, “No More Boring Sandwiches” Walt’s Waffle Buns are the first waffles designed specifically for sandwiches, and make any sandwich more exciting.  Whether you are making a classic chicken and waffle, a breakfast sandwich, a burger, or even an ice cream sandwich, Walt’s Waffle Buns does the perfect job at combining the taste and texture of a classic waffle with the functionality of a sandwich bun.

Walt’s Waffle Buns was founded by Chi, an immigrant from Hong Kong who moved to the United States at the age of five.  Growing up, Chi learned the importance of risk, hard work, and the power of food to bring people together from his parents who owned a Chinese takeout restaurant that became his second home.

Walt’s Original Waffle Buns is planning to disrupt the current sandwich making possibilities.  If you have been making the same sandwich for lunch everyday or are simply looking for a fun new sandwich experience, look no further,  Walt’s Original Waffle Buns will excite you by bringing a familiar taste and texture to a brand new dining experience.