Veggie Confetti Introduces Three New Product Lines

Veggie Confetti is rebranding and adding additional product lines! After initially launching with pickled cucumbers, onions, and carrots, they’ll be adding pickled cabbage, beets, and jalapeños options. 

After years of working in retail management for several established brands while simultaneously dreaming up business ideas of her own, Kelsey Tressler decided to dive into the food industry with her own venture, Veggie Confetti.  In the beginning, Kelsey’s experiments with pickling her own vegetables were an exciting way to add some tang and flavor to her own home-cooked meals. She knew she was onto something great when her colorful meals sparked curiosity and interest from her coworkers. 

After a positive initial response from customers, Kelsey is adding additional product lines to provide even more color to her customers’ plates. The newest iteration of her product includes bold packaging with even more delicious vegetables. Look for her new flavors in stores around Washington, DC!