Fava Foods Launches Hummus with Union Kitchen

Founded in 2018, Fava Foods is providing fresh, sesame-free hummus with no preservatives to the DMV community. Fava Foods is committed to only using the freshest ingredients in its hummus. This includes using cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil that is carefully selected, fresh lemons and peeled garlic, vegetables roasted to perfection, and of course smooth, flavorful chickpeas.

The Fava Foods Family are Northern Virginia natives who have a Middle-Eastern background. They value American culture, but strive to keep their Middle-Eastern traditions intact. Middle-Eastern traditions often revolve around the table, and Fava Foods was inspired by the founder Mohammad Sidky’s son, who could not enjoy certain traditional middle-eastern food due to a sesame seed allergy. It was his goal to ensure that his son could be a part of the family traditions and festivities. This drove him to create a sesame-free hummus. In order to keep the traditional hummus flavor in tact, founder of Fava Foods used only the highest quality ingredients.

Check out their jalapeño, classic, and roasted red pepper flavors coming soon!