Discover the Powers of Water Kefir with Jem Ferments

After discovering water kefir on a trip to Malaysia, Jem Ferments founders Emily and Jessica decided to start making the delicious, refreshing beverage at home. They shared their product with friends and family who all loved the refreshing taste and health benefits.

Emily has always been passionate about cooking and fermenting foods but it took a chance encounter in Malaysia with Jessica to open her eyes to the world of water kefir. Since then, they’ve experimented with many delicious flavors and loved the way it made them feel -- refreshed and healthier!

Through their sparkling probiotic drink with strong and bold flavors, they are hoping to provide a delicious alternative for health-conscious customers. Jem Ferments is on a mission to make loving your gut fun, simple, and all-natural! Keep an eye out for updates on their growth as they work through the launch process.